Monday, November 2, 2009

Five plus two equals?

On the morning of 25th October we were delighted to welcome Dr Bruce Milne and his wife Valerie to the service in our home. Bruce shared from John 6 and spoke on the five loaves and two fishes. Just that morning he had thought of a way to apply that to the fledgling Izumi Church. We are five adults (Fergusons, Chuas and Sambi) and two children (Calum and Alistair). And look what Jesus did with such a seemingly small amount - used it to feed thousands! It was such a challenging and encouraging message as we begin the work here in Hiragishi. Bruce reminded us though that the arithmetic is not just 5+2 - it is 5+2+1. Jesus is with us. Someone wrote to us last week after the Dedication Ceremony and said they were praying the Lord would bring someone along yesterday to our service. Unexpectedly Sambi called and asked if she could bring a friend with her. God is good. And we trust he will continue to grow this church so that it becomes 10+4+1 and then 20+8+1 and so on over these coming months and years.

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