Saturday, October 31, 2009

A special day

Sunday 25th October was a special day in the life of Hiragishi Izumi Church. In fact every year it will be a special day as we mark the church's birthday. Over 110 people (including children) crowded into 'the building below' (the kindergarten facility that sits right underneath our house) to celebrate and dedicate this baby church to the Lord. Vibrant praise, powerful prayers, and a real sense of the Lord's presence with us. People had come from many different churches around Sapporo and indeed further afield. There was a warm and joyous atmosphere which continued later into the fellowship time after the service. We are conscious though that the work has just started - the dedication service was not the goal but the beginning of the life of this fledgling church. What is our mission as a church? Quite simply to make and nurture disciples and to see a community of fruit-bearing believers established in the Hiragishi area. The task is awesome - but we serve an even more awesome God. And we go encouraged by the prayers and fellowship of many who gathered with us last Sunday, whether in person or in spirit.

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