Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Service with a smile

They really know how to serve you in Japan. Sadly with the advent of self-service, you don't often now get the experience of having your windows washed, rubbish cleared out, and much bowing and ceremony as you take your car for petrol - unless you pay more for the privilege. But some things are still done well - like getting a hair cut. David goes to a cheap, no-frills place but it's quite an experience. Six or seven guys work there and all shout out 'Welcome' in unison as a customer comes in; another chant tells you which seat to go to; and a loud chant to thank you at the end. You lie back to get a shave from Barber No 1; then Barber No 2 pops up to cut your hair; quickly moving seats, yet another pops up to wash your hair (all part of the service) and gives you a quick shoulder massage at the end; and then Barber No 4 will get on with the drying and making sure every little stray hair is duly trimmed. It's wonderful. We love going there. The five Ferguson men went to the same place (it's a chain of shops) in Otaru and built up a great rapport with the guys who work there. You can talk about all sorts of things - and you usually end up talking to all of them as they take their turns to smarten you up. They love serving you well ... which makes you think, how well do I serve those around me? It's nice to be served but we are really here to serve.

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