Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is normal?

We've been back in Japan six months. Someone asked us recently whether things have settled down into some form of normality? Good question but not an easy one to answer. We left Scotland at the end of March having had a year back. Calum changes to Japanese school again. Alistair goes back to kindergarten. David leaves again immediately for India for spring half-term. We have a new house, live in a new area, begin to make new friends. We go round different churches for some months. Daniel and Matthew return for the summer holidays. They go back. We begin services in our home. Lorna goes to India for autumn half-term. In ten weeks time the older two will come back again, this time not to sun but to snow. And those are just the main events in our life story. What is normal? In many ways our lives go in cycles of abnormality. But within those in a strange kind of way things become 'normal' - until it all changes again! It's certainly not a dull life.

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