Sunday, October 11, 2009

When two or three are gathered...

We have now had four worship services here in our home. Although we are small in number, each week we have had someone different come along. It's simple and informal but nonetheless meaningful and encouraging as we share in praise, prayer, hearing God's word and fellowship with one another. In time we hope to draw in people we are in contact with but for now we are glad just to have this precious time together on a Sunday afternoon as a small group. The boys play their part too. As we were looking at Psalm 23, David was sharing something with the children about sheep. Calum agreed that sheep are not very clever animals. He then said, 'Dad, you're like a sheep'. 'Why' replies Dad, 'because I'm not very clever?' 'No', says Calum, 'it's just with your grey hair you look like a sheep!' Ah well. It's great that that our services are small enough to be participative - it was good today to have interaction and laughter together as we shared and engaged with God's word. A different dynamic perhaps than a 'normal' worship service (if there is such a thing), but no less valid as we build each other up in our faith.

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