Thursday, November 26, 2009

Infectious faith

It's great to be around people who have only recently trusted in Jesus. They have an infectious faith. Yesterday we were listening to Sambi (she's on the left in the photo) telling us about her journey of faith. She is preparing her testimony which she will share at her baptism during our Christmas worship on 20th December. Sambi is a delightful person, with a great personality and loads of creativity. She is very artistic so wants to do some drawings to go with her story. She was even thinking about doing a play with a puppet! And she is busy preparing invites to ask a number of her friends to come to her baptism. We have just arranged to borrow a portable 'bath' from another church which we will set up in part of our lounge on the day. It would be great if a number of Sambi's friends could come and be part of the occasion. This Christmas will be a very special one for Sambi and Hiragishi Izumi Church.

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