Monday, November 9, 2009


One of the great things about Japan is that everything runs on time. Yesterday David connected from our house in Hiragishi to the OMF Guest Home in the Tokyo area by subway, train, plane, monorail, subway and train, just moving smoothly from one connection to the next. The Tokyo rail and subway network is just like a maze of connections - in fact some of the stations are a bit like a maze too. But as long as you follow the right connections, you get to your destination. In many ways that's a bit like starting a church. What we're doing just now is making connections with people. Some may connect some day to our church. Many won't - but our contact with them will lead on to another connection and another and so on until some of them do in fact find their way to Jesus. David was sharing at a church yesterday about bearing fruit - often we don't see the fruit, but maybe we're just part of the grand process, just a link in the chain that leads someone to Jesus.

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