Monday, November 23, 2009

Always learning

We are a football daft house. Everyone enjoys it, perhaps to excess at times. Even Lorna is getting on board to some extent - not much choice with five addicts in the family. Calum is very into playing for his local team and with the onset of winter, this has now moved inside. It's the futsal season. Today, being a public holiday here, we had the first tournament of the season. And despite being well up on even the most obscure details of normal football rules, we are finding that futsal is somewhat different. David thought he should do some homework when we got home and found a 72 page document on the FIFA homepage containing the rules! Today though it was a good way to chat to some of the other dads and figure out why some strange refereeing decisions seemed to be being made. Even when you think you are on familiar territory like football, there are always things to learn living in another culture. We did however enjoy watching Calum scoring eleven goals in four matches! We're now gearing up for the next tournament in January.

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