Thursday, November 5, 2009

A 'bazaar' incident

A couple of days ago a lady was passing by our house when we were outside so we said hello. She seemed a little taken aback. Then we made another comment. She almost fell over with shock that we could even speak Japanese! We told her why we were here and that we had just started a new church. After more expressions of admiration for our (very basic) Japanese and a few bows, she was on her way. Today the postman was at the door and just at the moment she passed again! This time she had something to ask. Does our church hold a bazaar?! Well, we don't but many churches here do. She has lots of clothes she would like to donate! With a bit of quick thinking, Lorna said that we know of other churches in the area and we would ask around. God surely has been opening up contacts in this area in some strange ways. Maybe we should be planning a bazaar for next year! The lady didn't give her phone number but Lorna said to come back round some time and we'd let her know what we can do about her offer to give us the clothes. All in a day's work!

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