Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An unexpected meeting

Last night David was walking back from the subway station along a main, but poorly lit, road. Along with another person we passed by someone who was lying on the ground hunched up against a wall. We both stopped to see what was wrong. The young Japanese woman on the ground had a note that referred to a hospital and contained the letters OD - she'd had an overdose and had been drinking too. A couple of young guys turned up and we tried to contact the hospital without success. The young woman on the ground then started speaking in excellent English explaining she had psychological problems and would like someone to kill her. At no point did she look up. The conversation continued in English. David tried to encourage her with words of hope, saying she was special and people were here to care for her. All of a sudden she lifted her head and looked David straight in the eye. By this time an ambulance had arrived. On the way back on the subway, David had been reading a tract about a young Christian woman who'd had an awful accident and just wanted to die. David was able to say to the woman before she was taken away that he'd left that with her. It had our contact details on the back. You never know how God might work and who he will lead you to in the course of each day.

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