Sunday, September 20, 2009

And we're off...

Today was a special day for Hiragishi Izumi Church. Early in the afternoon we had our very first worship service. We have deliberately not yet invited any contacts as we first of all need to find our way as a baby church. Yet, with a friend of the Chuas and another couple attending, we had 8 adults and our 2 boys, just a nice number for our inaugural service. Calum and Alistair played their part by helping during the service - Alistair enjoyed collecting the offering and Calum operated the PowerPoint! It was a joyful time of praise, hearing from God's word and sharing together in communion. A simple but moving service. Then later in the afternoon we had 22 adults and 8 children for a time of fellowship in our house after the adults had gone out in groups for a prayer walk round the area. It was great just to be out (in perfect weather) praying as we walked and looking to God to begin a work here.

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