Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of joint

In Japan there are many little 'hospitals' with particular specialisms. Often these are just one-man practices. You can find anything from a skin clinic to an eye clinic, some 'hospitals' deal with 'internal' matters, others with surgical matters. This morning David went to his local 'bone setting' hospital. An attempt at a save during a kick about resulted in a dislocated finger so the bone was duly yanked back into place. After that it was time to lie on the bed and have some tingly treatment, then some heat applied and finally some cream massaged in to the finger. The injury should have been attended to some weeks ago so David will have some more visits for 'treatment'. But that's good as the hospital he chose is run by one of the dads of the boys in Calum's football team, in fact one of Calum's best friends in the team. We were wondering about how to get to know the dads better so maybe a dislocated finger is one way!

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