Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strength in numbers

The number of Christians in Japan is very small. It's not often that they can gather together as a large group. These past few days have seen over 1600 get together in Sapporo for a time of praise, fellowship, encouragement and challenge. A Convention on Evangelism has been held for the first time in nine years and this time it has come to Hokkaido. People have come from all over Japan. This evening over 100 missionaires (both foreign and Japanese) were introduced and thanked for their efforts. But most of all this is a time for the Japanese church and Japanese Christians to be encouraged, equipped and exhorted to work together so that God's kingdom can grow in these days of change and opportunity for Japan. Tomorrow is the last day - but may it be the beginning of something new happening in this land as God by his Spirit moves and empowers his people for action.

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