Friday, September 18, 2009

Countdown to launch

Sunday is a big day for our new church plant here in Hiragishi. We have our first worship service. We are beginning both small and low-key as we find our feet as a fledgling church. As we start services over these coming weeks, we will meet in our home (a little unusual) and in the afternoons (perhaps a little more unusual). We hope to use the mornings to be out and about. Maybe there are folks out there for whom an afternoon is a better time. After our inaugural worship on Sunday, we will be joined by a number of fellow missionaries presently studying at the OMF language school for a prayer walk around the area. We just walk and pray - a great way to impact an area. It's exciting to be invovled at the birth of this church. Just as its name ('izumi' means 'spring') reminds us, may it be a place where spiritually thirsty people can find their way to receive the living water which Jesus gives. There are certainly many such people all around us here.

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