Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Praying and walking

Today was the first Wednesday of the month. We and our co-workers the Chuas have decided to make that a day when we can devote more time specifically to pray and fast for the area of Hiragishi and the new church here. Lorna had a prayer walk in the afternoon, stopping at different places to pray - for the building near us we hope to use for events (more about that in next post), for local schools (two are very near us so we always have school children passing by). David went out later on a different route. It's such a stimulus to pray as you walk around and pray for what you see, or the people you pass, for the houses and apartment blocks which are not just stone and glass, but homes to people, many of whom may be lonely or hurting or depressed. We ask the Lord to come and bless this area, to open people's hearts, and to lead us to them or them to us. And then we wait expectantly to see what he will do. That's an exciting thought.

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