Monday, August 10, 2009

The travel adventures - again!

Today Daniel and Matthew began their long journey back to India for the start of the new school year. Despite a delay due to a typhoon in Tokyo, they arrived safely there and after an overnight stay at the OMF Guest House, will fly to Bangalore via Bangkok tomorrow. They will arrive in Bangalore around midnight Indian time (3.30 in the morning Japan time) and travel up the long, winding road to the school - 36 hairpin bends! Although we've had a good time together over the past six or so weeks, it's never easy to say goodbye and be separated again. The little brothers also miss their big brothers. Yet we so appreciate Hebron School and all that it offers the boys educationally, spiritually and - just as important for our boys - in sport! We commit all of our boys into God's hands and look to him to grow them and shape them through all the different adventures and experiences they have. Our lives are continually filled with adjustments and adapting to new situations. But we serve an unchanging God who provides for all our needs.

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