Saturday, August 29, 2009

body testing?

"Come and get your bodily strength tested" was an invitation issued by the PTA of Alistair's kindergarten. These tests are quite popular in Japan, consisting of several tests to test your speed, flexibility and strength. You compare the results with a chart and your age and come up with a result. Not the kind of thing either of us would usually volunteer for. But recently Lorna in particular was challenged by the need this year to go to things that others organise, to get out where people are rather than expect them to come to us. That's a good place where we can build relationships. Then from next April we hope that our church can begin to organise events that we can invite others to. So last week Lorna donned her sports gear and headed off to the hall at the kindergarten. 4 tests and a game of volleyball later it was finished, with the result being level B (not too bad?) But even better than that was the chance to meet several mothers she had never met before, and have a couple of good chats. She did put her back out, but maybe that's a small price to pay...

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