Monday, August 24, 2009

As for me and my house...

Yesterday was a special day in Otaru Church. Lorna was able to be there to join in the occasion. Two years ago Mrs Kudo, a young mother of four children, believed in Jesus and was baptised. Ever since we go to know Mrs Kudo, we looked to God to draw the whole family to Jesus. Her oldest child is Rikiya (14) and he was a classmate of Daniel in primary school. He first came to the church in Otaru when Daniel invited him to our annual Sun Kids Festival when he was 10. After his mother was baptised, Rikiya himself came to believe in Jesus and was baptised yesterday at Otaru Church. His testimony was very moving. These are always special times in the life of a church too as members recall the time of their own baptism. Being a Christian teenager is not easy anywhere, but all the more so in a land where so few are Christians and the pressures of school life are great. May Rikiya be given the strength to stand up for his faith where everything around says that 'the nail that sticks up should be hammered down'.

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