Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a cover up

When the hot weather hits Japan, you see some odd sights. Over the years we have got used to seeing ladies going around with umbrellas up to deflect the summer sun. Very wide-brimmed hats are also popular. But coming back this year we have noticed another trend. Younger women can be seen sporting long 'gloves' with a thumbhole and a larger hole for the other fingers, but which stretch way above the elbow so even when you wear a T-shirt, no skin is exposed to the sun. The in-phrase applied to sun-deflecting garments is 'UV Cut'. Lorna has even just bought a new hat which happens to be UV Cut - good to know that she is trendy (mind you the hat would not be called trendy in the UK!) Many people go to great lengths here to guard their health, and that includes the skin. But how many take similar care of the heart?

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