Monday, July 13, 2009

Where is your passion?

One thing all the men in the Ferguson household have a passion for is football. So it's great to live near the Sapporo Dome, the amazing stadium which hosts professional football and baseball matches. The local team is Consadole, currently in the J2 League. The atmosphere inside the stadium is superb, although the support is somewhat muted and polite. There is little jeering; it has even been known for applause to be given to the away team! One section of the ground has seats reserved for what they call 'passionate supporters' - you need to wear the red and black colours of the home team as well as have a good voice as the singing continues through the whole game, accompanied by drums and the occasional trumpet. Being a passionate supporter is no bad thing. But being passionate for Jesus and seeking to introduce people to his team is a much higher and more valuable goal.

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