Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the name is... 平岸いずみキリスト教会

Recently we've been pondering our church name. What it says projects an image to those who read it or hear about it. We have gone for Hiragishi Izumi Kirisuto Church. Hiragishi is in there as that is where are based. 'Kirisuto' is Japanese for Christ - we want to make it clear that we have no connection with a large building not too far from us which calls itself 'church' but is in fact a cult religion. The word 'izumi' conveys the image. It means spring, as is used in John 4:14 when Jesus is speaking to the woman at the well about living water. So many in Japan are thirsting. So many need refreshment. This is our hope for the new church here - that many thirsty and weary people will find their way to the one who can meet their needs. May this new church truly be a refreshing spring for all who come.

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