Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Art of Apologising

A Japanese pastor once commented that missionaries don't know how to apologise properly. Today we had the chance to experience a Japanese apology in person. Lorna had taken Daniel and Matthew to a museum. Whilst Matthew was on a metal centrifugal "spinner", trying to go fast, the whole thing sheered off, with Matthew falling off. We felt bad that Matthew had broken the thing, but the Japanese staff were most apologetic, though we assured them Matthew was fine. Later in the day, a phone call came from the museum - how was Matthew? Despite further assurances, the man said he would like to visit us (over half an hour away). At the appointed time the doorbell rang and we opened the door to find three men - the oldest one being the boss of the whole complex, the second the one in charge of all the equipment and a third younger one. There was much deep bowing and words of sincere apology, followed by a present of a lovely box of cakes. How right that pastor was that we have much to learn...

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