Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lord who opens hearts

As we begin the new church here in Hiragishi, it is a great encouragement to us that we have one young Christian who has been studying with our co-worker Kaori for the past year. Sambi san ('sambi' means 'praise' in Japanese) is from a Christian family and believed in Jesus while on a short-term stay in Canada. She then returned to the family home in Hiragishi and was put in touch with Kaori. Recently Lorna has been working through The Purpose Driven Life with Sambi san and it's great to see her growing in her faith. She is brilliant with kids, crafts and anything artistic. We are excited to have Sambi san as the 'Lydia' of our new church here and look forward to seeing who might be the next believer - even if that turns out to be the local jailer as it was in Philippi! (Check out Acts 16 for the story of the start of the church in Philippi - not sure we'd want the earthquake part though!)

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