Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's in a name?

In Japan a name is important. Most surnames would be made up of characters which have some meaning. You might greet a Mr 'Stone Field' or Mrs 'North Island'. And for first names, many people would spend considerable time (and sometimes money too) thinking about suitable 'kanji' (characters) for their newborn child's name. As we think about the new church we will start here, we are pondering the matter of the name. Do we include the name of the area or go for something different? What word or words would communicate positively to the people we hope to reach? Even the use of the word 'church' is not simple. Sometimes it is good to have the Japanese word for Christ before 'church' so it is clear that this is a Christian place. In our area there is a large building belonging to a Japanese new religion called Perfect Liberty which calls itself 'church'. It is quite a landmark in the area. But it has nothing to do with Jesus. As we consider the name of this new church in Hiragishi, may it be one which is appealing and attractive, but more than that one which will help to draw people to the only name by which they can be saved, the name of Jesus.

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