Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a great location!

Not long before we arrived back in Sapporo, a wonderful house was found for us in Hiragishi. One of the interesting features is that it is located right opposite a cemetery. One of our colleagues quipped that it was so good to get a house right in the dead centre of Hiragishi! On the other side we have great views over the south of the city, with the famous Sapporo Dome, home to the local baseball and football teams, often gleaming in the sunlight. Coming back to the cemetery, this is no ordinary graveyard - there are thousands upon thousands of graves. Actually it's more like a big park and not an unpleasant place to go for a walk. We've also found it a good and safe place to help Alistair with his cycling. It is located in an area which at one point was the suburbs of Sapporo. Next to it is a swimming pool which used to be the local crematorium - quite a thought as you're doing your laps up and down the pool! We often pass through the cemetery. Occasionally we see one or two graves with crosses, where Christians are buried. But thousands have no cross, people buried with no hope. Just looking at the graves opposite our house is a reminder that so many Japanese still need to hear about Jesus - before it's too late.

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