Tuesday, June 23, 2009

journeying adventures

Last Thursday saw Daniel and Matthew start their journey home from Hebron. 7 hours down the mountain to Bangalore, 4 hours to Bangkok, another 6 to Tokyo before a 1.5 hour bus journey across the city and a 1.5 hour flight up to Sapporo. The question we always have is "What if something unexpected happens? Will they cope?" Well on the flight to Bangkok, Daniel was woken by Matthew announcing that he'd been sick - VERY sick. The stewards helped with that, but in Bangkok Daniel was faced with the prospect of sitting next to a smelly brother for another 6 hours before they could get their luggage for Matthew to get changed. What to do? Enterprising Daniel dragged Matthew off to the nearest duty free shop and sprayed him liberally with sample perfumes (male perfumes Daniel hastened to add!). So it's great to know that God has given our boys initiative and the ability to handle the unexpected! Now we are enjoying family time together for the first time in our new home in Sapporo.

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