Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sharing the news

Recently David has been thinking (and speaking) a lot about someone called Tychicus.  He appears several times in Acts and Paul's letters and at the end of the Letter to the Colossians he is someone who is sent to the church at Colossae to share all the news and to encourage the hearts of the believers there.  It is a great passage at the end of that letter which goes far beyond simply 'final greetings'.  It gives a glimpse of this community we call church across geographical boundaries.  The reason for all of this is that David is back in Scotland for a month, partly catching with family and friends, partly settling Daniel into university life in Glasgow and partly taking time to visit many supporting churches across Scotland.  It's amazing how much you can fit into one month!  Engaging in mission overseas is always a task that integrally involves local churches back home as we live out what Paul refers to in another letter as partnership in the gospel.  Some pray; some give; some go.  But we are all part of a team and each part has a role to play. 
It has been really encouraging to be home and know of many who are praying for Japan and to sense the interest that there has been and continues to be in the work that is going on in Japan.  It has given the opportunity to share about how the new church plant in Hiragishi has developed over the last three and a half years; it has also given opportunity to share, both verbally and graphically, about the recovery and relief efforts in which OMF is involved following the tsunami last year; and it gives the opportunity to share about our future role in Japan as we take up the post of OMF Field Director from November this year.  Hopefully this has not just been a sharing of news but a time when hearts have been mutually encouraged.  David often refers to one of our Japanese colleagues who shared last year that this could be a kairos moment for Japan.  Another way of saying it is to quote the book of Esther and think of these days as a 'for such a time as this' moment for Japan.  We are seeing many new workers come through and many more are in the pipeline.  As we prepare to leave our work in Hiragishi having done not much more than lay the foundation, there are mixed feelings.  Yet we are excited about what is happening both in Hiragishi and more widely in Japan.  Certainly there are many tough challenges and hurdles.  Yet there are also opportunities and signs of God at work in this land.  Thank you to all you who are with us as partners in the gospel.

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