Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another change

Life goes in cycles.  For many families, one of the big changes is when your first child goes off to univeristy.  For most, that can be their first time to stay away from home.  For us, it has of course been somewhat different.  Daniel went to Hebron when he was 12 so we have been used to him coming and going over these past years.  Now though he is returning not to school in India but to Scotland, his 'home' culture.  Or is it?  He has spend most of his 18 years living in places other than Scotland and was last there for a full year when he was 9.  His life over the years has brought him a whole range of experiences which many never have.  Certainly there have been tough times as well as joys.  But now he heads off to Law School, falling in Dad and Mum's footsteps in terms of subject if not location.  We are pleased that he will be based in Glasgow where we know many people and have family members too.  Next week Daniel will attend a camp called ReKonnect which is set up for missionary children and deisgned to help them adjust to life back in their 'home' culture.  It is great to have these opporunities.  We realise that many things will be new for Daniel, even some simple things which others who have grown up there just take for granted.  David will be back in Scotland for the whole of September, partly to help Daniel get set up with all that is needed, and partly to spend time with family, friends and supporting churches as it is around 3 and half years since we last left Scotland to begin this journey to plant a new church in Hiragishi.  It has been quite a journey and David looks forward to sharing about this with many over the coming weeks.


  1. I'm sure Daniel will find his feet quickly. I'm looking forward to David preaching on the 9th Sept. and am planning to keep the Bible Class in the church for it. :)

  2. All the best Daniel! I'm sure Fraser will help you get linked up with a CU, etc. I read a book called "Home Keeps Moving", good read especially for third culture kids/adults. God bless!

  3. Ohhh, it's coming to us sooner rather than later too. When you have these little toddlers, or even rambunctious primary-aged kids, their leaving home seems a long way away. It's comes as a bit of a shock that our new teenager has only five years left at school!