Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Happy Day

Hiroko is a member of a Gospel Choir in Sapporo which has been going for a number of years now. Some members are Christians; many are not. Yet they love to sing gospel songs (often in English) and one such is the well-known 'Oh Happy Day'. Last Sunday was certainly a happy day for Hiroko and for Hiragishi Izumi Church. It was the day of Hiroko's baptism. She believed in Jesus earlier in the year and since then has been preparing for and looking forward to her baptism. It was a joy to hear her testimony and be there with her as she confessed her faith in Jesus and was baptised. We had rented once again the building we use occasionally which really is a perfect venue for such occasions. We had to borrow a portable bath from another church and fill it up before the service (the water stayed pleasantly warm). It was not such a big bath so presented a little bit of a challenge at the baptism - but we managed just! Hiroko had hoped her father would come but didn't know if he would. Her mother had said she had no interest. Well, her father did come and he seemed really moved. Her parents live not too far away from us. Around ten of the choir members came too and sang a couple of songs at the fellowship time after the service. It was all in all a wonderful day as we had our second baptism in the life of Izumi Church. We trust that the Lord will use Hiroko as a blessing to others and we look forward to seeing her grow as a one of God's precious children.

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