Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school

Today all of boys went back to school, two in India and two in Japan. Daniel begins studies for A Levels; Matthew begins studies for GCSEs; Calum continues in Grade 4 and Alistair in Grade 1 at our local elementary school. While the older two could enjoy an 8 week holiday, the younger two had a Japanese-style holiday of 3 and a half weeks! And even then there was work to be done during the holidays. Each boy came home at the end of term with a sheaf of papers - homework sheets for Japanese and maths; Alistair had to do a couple of drawings of things he did during the holiday with a sentence or two about them; Calum had to interview dad about his school days; there was a chart to be filled in each day saying what they had done. And they also each had to make something to take back to school and show to their classmates at the beginning of term. Some of the creations by some of the kids are really amazing. This year Calum produced a firing cannon made largely of disposable chopsticks; Alistair created a spider and butterfly out of wax doodles (a timely birthday present from the UK). They managed to get everything done (just!) and went back to school today laden with bags of stuff! Alistair also had to look after a morning glory which all of the 1st Grade students had planted earlier in the year. That is now so big it is left for Mum and Dad to take back at some point this week. The kids were eased back in gently this morning - an opening ceremony and a half day. But from now till Christmas Eve there is no break apart from a few public holidays here and there. It will be a long term.

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