Friday, July 16, 2010

Penetrating the web

The other day David went for a walk in a local park. Actually one of the most well-known - and beautiful - parks in the Hiragishi area. It does however provide a home for the largest shrine in Hiragishi. Just near the shrine area there is a traditional Japanese garden with perfectly manicured little trees, bright flowers, a pond and a waterfall. It is a very quiet spot - if no one else is there, all that can be heard is the gentle splash coming from the waterfall. It was a reminder of the name of our church - izumi, which means spring. It is an oasis in the heart of the noise-filled, bustling, 'instant-everything' society in which we live. Right across two rocks in front of the waterfall there was a large spider's web glistening in the sunlight. Coming to Japan to share the gospel has been compared to trying to penetrate a spider's web. There are so many strands linked together,different pieces of the web of Japanese thought, customs and lifestyle which make it so hard for the truths of the gospel both to be shared and accepted here. A spring of water; and a spider's web. Our desire is to see many drawn to the izumi; but to do that we need patience, wisdom and the power which only God can give to help us penetrate the web so that more and more people can find their way not just to a shrine, or a peaceful garden, but to the One who created them and wants to give them life in all its fulness.

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