Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Football camp

This morning Calum left for football camp with his local team. Daniel has also gone as he has been helping with coaching over the summer. As always, the organisation is impeccable, even for a three day camp. Each child received a booklet of around 20 pages. Everything is planned to the finest detail. The time away is a mixture of training, matches and study, with a little free time in there somewhere too. Wake up is 6am followed by the morning 'meeting' at 7am - there is a strict instruction not be late! The departure took place amidst due ceremony. Everyone turned up wearing the standard gear (club tracksuit) even though that had not been specified in the instructions given out beforehand - sometimes a kind of telepathy works here so that everyone knows exactly what to bring or wear, except us who often seem to get these things worng! The children all got on the bus (in year group order), then all came off again to stand before the coaches and parents who were there to say farewell. The head coach said something. The captain gave a brief reply and all the children bowed. Then they were off. And hopefully all the children were bearing in mind what was written on the first page of the booklet that the point of the camp is not just to go and have a fun time!

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