Monday, May 31, 2010


Ask anyone what food they associate with Japan and the answer will invariably be sushi. We have had guests with us recently so we thought we would take them to a sushi bar, one of those places where the plates of sushi move past on a revolving conveyor belt. It's noisy as the sushi chefs go about their business and greet the customers as they come in. The rice is shaped and then the various types of fish cut and placed on top of the rice. Then the different sushi is put on different coloured plates which spin round and you can just choose what you like as it goes past. The different plate colours represent different prices and at the end the staff simply total up the number of different coloured plates to work out your bill. We feasted on copious amounts of raw tuna, salmon, eel and octopus, with the added 'kick' of the wasabi (tastes a bit like horseradish) and the hot green tea to wash it down. Great food and a great experience was made even better when a freshly -caught octopus, still wriggling, was paraded before the assembled customers to a round of applause. Not long afterwards said octopus was on our plates as sushi - it's better just not to think about it! Eating sushi is not something we do everyday but it's an experience to be savoured. Fresh, healthy, delicious - what could be better!

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