Thursday, January 14, 2010

An unusual lifestyle

Sometimes we are four in the house; sometimes, as now, we are six. The older two boys come and go to India and their holidays this time coincide with the long winter break for Japanese schools. Calum goes back on the 20th, Alistair on the 21st, Daniel begins his journey back to India from the 24th and Matthew begins his journey on 1st February. Our lifestyle is certainly not normal - but then again, what is normal? Life is quite chaotic in the house just now. Daniel needs to work for his mock GSCE exams which will take place as soon as he gets back - we are thankful for German friends to help him with that language as we are both somewhat rusty. Advanced calculus is more of a challenge! Calum has to complete lots of pages of homework given out over the holidays. Matthew is meant to be working on music theory and clarinet pratice as well as learning the whole script of the Joseph musical which he will take part in at half-term. And even Alistair has a chart to colour in each day for kindergarten. Trying to find time, space and quiet for each one to get their own thing done is a daily logistic feat. But it's fun to have everyone back - and then we will all adjust again to a different lifestyle next month.

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