Sunday, January 17, 2010

Small talk

Last year when David took Daniel and Matthew to Italy for a week, the boys would always be embarrassed when Dad would find Japanese tourists and engage in conversation, even at the top of the Duomo in Florence. They have a saying in Japanese which roughly translated says that a frog's child is just like the frog. Well, our oldest frog (Daniel) is now following Daddy frog's lead in chatting away in Japanese to those he meets. Daniel has been going to the local swimming pool while he is home. And he has ended up in conversation with a couple of the regulars. One man asked why Daniel's family were in Japan so Daniel said they were here as missionaries. The man then went on to say how he had attended an English class at a missionary-led church 30 years ago. He wondered where we lived and Daniel said Hiragishi to which the man replied there was no church around here. Daniel then told him we had just started a church in Hiragishi. 'That'll be hard' said the man. Well, maybe, but it was really encouraging to hear that story and to learn how Daniel is able to use the opportunities he is given to share about the Lord's work in Hiragishi. There is always value in small talk. Often these are the very times when seeds can be sown and a door opened to share. We'll be praying the next time he goes to the pool!

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  1. Dear David and Lorna

    It is nice to see you again on your blog ! We sent you email a few times but they must have been lost. We do hope to see you again in Sapporo !
    Youngku and Tomoko