Monday, October 31, 2011

School Festa

Every year there is a special event at our boys' school called the Festa, a Saturday morning set aside for games, stalls, food and fun. The day started with Calum and Alistair going off to school as normal as the second period of the morning was a chance for parents to go and observe the class. These times happen quite regularly at Japanese primary schools and it is always interesting to see how the class works and the way the teacher and children interact with one another. The Festa is organised by the PTA so many mothers had been busy for many weeks making things, setting up and getting everything ready. Before the Festa itself started, the children came into the sports hall to be entertained by the wind band from the high school next door. The standard is always amazing - almost professional. David spoke to the teacher who is the conductor and he said the band practises every day (sometimes early morning) and at weekends too. As PTA Chairman, David had to make various mini-speeches and announcements during the morning. The Vice Chairmen (or rather Chairwomen - everyone else on the PTA is a mother!) had helpfully written out a script of what to say when so David just had to pop up from time to time and say his piece. As well as all the other stalls and food on offer, there is a Dad's Corner where three dads helped out with a basketball shoot - a popular place. It was a great way to be involved again in the local school and in a small way give back something for the many benefits we receive in being able to send our boys to Japanese primary school. Of course it also means we are increasingly well-known in the school and community. As we look forward to our Family Christmas event in early December, we hope that many of the local children (and parents) will once again come along. More news on that nearer the time.

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