Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day

At this time of year in Japan the department stores and supermarkets fill with various chocolate goodies as Valentine's Day approaches. Here it is a little different as it is only the guys who receive chocolates on 14th February. The ladies get their turn a month later on White Day. All good business for the chocolate makers no doubt. While Valentine's Day may not be a time that is normally marked in churches round the world, some here have used this as an occasion for an outreach event. This year the younger folks in Izumi Church - JP and Nora along with Sambi - are planning a simple get together at the Kochs' home over lunch on 13th February. It will be very low-key with food, chat, making something together. Sambi has some friends that she is keen to invite. Wataru (who is studying the Bible with David and JP just now) will come too. As we were talking about dates, Sambi was keen to have something over lunch on the Sunday as then her friends could come along to the worship afterwards later in the afternoon. It's a real joy for us to see Sambi using her gifts, looking for opportunities to invite friends and especially being keen that they can come along to the worship too. How we long to have more believers like her and to be able to help them to grow and play their part in the building up of God's kingdom in Japan. We are looking forward to see what God will do this Valentine's Day. It was on that very day last year that Wataru first came to church - he only came because he was invited on that day but now he really enjoys being part of the fellowship and is edging closer to faith in Jesus. You just never know what God might use to draw someone to himself - even something like Valentine's Day!

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