Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One thing leads to another...

We have one boy at the local primary school. He has a girl in his class called H chan. Alistair goes to one of the local kindergartens and H chan's sister K chan is in his class. What are the chances our two and their two being in the same class in a kindergarten of 350 and a school of 250? Not long after we moved to Hiragishi Lorna met the two sisters in a park. We then met the mother on several occasions at school. The family happened also to be sitting near us at the school sports day last May. At Christmas time K chan came round to Alistair's Christmas party. This year in conversation with Lorna, the girls' mother mentioned wanting to send her girls to English classes. Lorna said she was thinking of starting classes but needed a place to hold them. A couple of days later the girls' mother said she knew of a possible place. Her husband works in a facility which helps disabled people and they have another building on the main road in our area which might be available for use. Lorna went to see it and it was the husband who showed her round. They have agreed in principle for Lorna to use the place but we're waiting for final confirmation. Are all of these conversations and meetings just co-incidences? Of course not. God is at work. And maybe this is a family in whose lives he is already beginning to work.

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