Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Starting church from scratch

What do you need to start church from scratch? The simple answer might be a place to meet and some people. The place to meet can be anywhere. We have a great house and we started here with our small group. Our services are quite simple and informal. But as we've gone along we've realised there are some practical things you need to think about in Japan when meeting in your own house. We did not have a lock on our toilet door (don't know why) but we thought guests might like one! We need to have slippers for people to wear, especially in the cold Hokkaido winters. We are expecting lots of guests on Sunday for Sambi's baptism so have just had to go and buy lots more slippers. We need to have a special pair for the toilet too. And while on the subject of the toilet (again!) we need to have a soft cover to go on the heated seat for the comfort of our guests. We don't usually use one (doesn't go well with boys!) There are many other things to think through when church meets in your house - turn the phone ringer off; decide when to shut the curtains (it gets dark midway through the service); not have the rice boiling during the service so no smell and no beep, beep when it's ready. Lots of little things. But good to bear them in mind so people are not distracted from meeting with Jesus and worshipping God.

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